Corporate Web Design

You will likely take no more than 10 seconds to decide whether to read more or exit this website, and your customers are even more demanding. That’s the reality of corporate web design today. In order to break through the immense clutter of the web and the time-crunched visitors, the design of a website must be visually and contextually compelling. Why? Because people are in a hurry.

Consider These Corporate Web Design Trends

Corporate Interactive understands that effective web design involves Getway Solution that solve complicated communications challenges. Our solutions are tailored around these several current trends:

  • Websites should be mobile-ready
  • Sites should take touch navigation into consideration
  • Design should incorporate SEO tactics
  • Quick response (QR) codes can help make sites interactive
  • Including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others is critical

Mobile devices such as smartphones and PC tablets are fast becoming the medium of choice for web access. Execution of corporate web design on these smaller screens is much more challenging than on the traditional, larger screen. Corporate Interactive can show you how to make your site mobile-ready.

Touch Screens

Another important trend in corporate web design involves planning for users navigate with touch screens, rather than a mouse. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets also allow for liquid layout and this requires corporate web design to work both horizontally and vertically.


You may have found this site by using a search engine such as Google. This shows how important search engine optimisation is to effective corporate web design. Our SEO experts know that original content is one way of increasing organic search ratings and one way to accomplish this is by incorporating blogs, online newsletters, ezines, outbound emails and other SEO tactics in the web design.

QR Codes

Great corporate web design encourages interactivity. One way to accomplish this is through the use of Quick Response (QR) codes. When properly incorporated in a website or other media, these bar code squares can dramatically enhance the web experience.

Social Networks

Because of their large memberships, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and others have become important considerations for corporate web design. Understanding their advantages and limitations can pay big dividends in terms of web traffic, and ultimately sales.

Our Approach to Corporate Web Design

Because every client has different objectives for their website, each corporate web design project is unique. Corporate Interactive uses a client-focused approach before and during this development process. Careful attention to the details of how a website will be used by the enterprise ensures that the final design, navigation and content will be aesthetically pleasing and have the highest level of functionality.

By accessing the latest analytic tools, we are able to bring the best practices to this process. Loading speed, search engine optimization, commerce capabilities and privacy considerations are just a few of factors that are important to the final website. Our experience enables our clients to save both time and money on corporate web design.

We have been fortunate to have completed corporate web sites for a wide range of excellent companies. Please see our portfolio.

Why Wait?

When you need corporate web design that is client-focused and takes advantage of current web trends, please put us on your short list. For a no-obligation consultation or to obtain additional information, contact us today.