What is Web Development

Web development is back end coding language or scripting language of a website. It includes from developing a simple static web page to complex web site. Website can be developed using Joomla, drupal, PHP, Java and more depending on client requirements.

What are W3c standards?

W3c standards make sure to provide the content with high quality – technically and presents it in a very good format.

Are any packages available?

Yes we do provide packages for web development service.

How many days it will take to develop my website?

Normally for a website with 5-10 pages it will take 3- days. It will depend on your requirements like whether the site is of static or dynamic, and also on number of pages in the website.

What do you do in web maintenance?

We will continuously monitor your website to make sure to free from technical as well as content issues. Also, website is modified and updated regularly with fresh content about your products, offerings, seasonal packages, any changes in prices and more to give a new look and to attract customers.

How can my website content be updated regularly?

There is nothing to worry about your website content. We will update the content at regular intervals of time; you just need to opt for our any of our maintenance packages.

What are the prices for maintenance at Getway Solution?

Custom package is available here.