Hire CakePHP Developer

CakePHP is among the very best of structured web development frameworks. Most web developers prefer using it whenever they have a project which involves development of complicated applications. At Getway Solution, we have a vast team of CakePHP developers who are capable of building structured websites without compromising on flexibility. Besides most of our client’s are after profit generating applications; we therefore take it as an obligation to build a website which will aid the fast growth of your business. Below are some facts you should acquaint with if you wish to hire a CakePHP developer from Getway Solution.

Why should you be specific on Getway Solution?

Since 1997, we have been developing custom applications for online marketers based in Europe and the US. Getway Solution now boasts of more than 120 Professional web developers who specialize in different web development Frameworks and platforms. Our CakePHP developers have more than five years experience with exposure to complicated projects and tight schedules. Besides, they have been developing structured websites from scratch and are therefore capable of implementing any concept irrespective of your business requirements. Hiring a CakePHP developer means they will exclusively work on your project. For quality assurance, you will have a large number of resumes from which to choose a CakePHP developer who best qualifies for your project.

The services offered at Getway Solution are cost effective in that you only pay for development costs. Transparency and confidentiality will always be maintained through out the period for which the project is under development. Important too is that you acquire full ownership of the source code after completion of the project. This implies that you do not have to pay extra costs for licensing and can modify the code at your own will.

Benefit from our flexible hiring schemes

Getway Solution provides three flexible hiring packages which can be chosen depending on the specifications of your project.

Full time hiring : A CakePHP developer will work on your project for 160 hours in a week. This is broken down to 8 hours for 20 days in a month. The rate is dependent on the complexity of your project and a client is billed on a monthly basis. The package also entails a 2 month minimum hiring period and is best suited for complex projects which take a lot of time to complete.

Part time hiring : The part time hiring package is similar to the full time hiring model in some aspects although the CakePHP developer will only work for 4 hours in a day. This package also entails monthly billing and a 2 month minimum hiring period.

The hourly rate hiring model : In this scheme, a developer will work on your project on an hourly rate. The minimum hiring period is 20 hours although there is no limit to the hours for which your project will be under development. Just like the other packages, the rates will depend on the complexity of your task. A team of consultants will be willing to help you select an appropriate hiring model through discussions.