Restaurant Web Development

Custom software development

At Getway Solution we follow a flexible, proven methodology to ensure our deliverables perform to specification and meet or exceed client expectations. We operate on a well-established principle of paying utmost attention to the needs of our clients when they enlist our consulting services.

Developing your Web property is a complex task, so you need a reliable partner like Getway Solution to be there to assist in solving technological problems and turning your vision into reality.

When your business needs ways to improve efficiency, mobility or communication and this involves new software, your first reaction may be to look for an off-the-shelf solution. In some cases, that’s fine, but more often than not you’ll find that it doesn’t really deliver what you need for your particular needs.

With our experience and expertise as software developers, we are well-positioned to provide quality support at a budget, in particular for small, mid-size and start-up companies. As requirements and expectations constantly evolve in the online business, few players can afford to go it alone in this changing environment.

Our developers will listen carefully to your expectations, analyse your needs and come up design solutions that will fuel your success without breaking the budget.

Primary areas of expertise:

  • Database design & development
  • Complex Internet-based solutions
  • Websites and ecommerce applications
  • Customising Shopping Carts and Online Stores
  • Porting Desktop Applications to Web
  • Bespoke designing back-end and front-end applications
  • Consulting and problem solving

Apart from its premium design consulting and development services, Getway Solution offers to take over the deployment of Web applications for your company. Whenever you or your web application providers encounter deployment challenges, failing to achieve (full) functionality and compromising your goals, our experienced software specialists can lend a helping hand.