RIA Development

Rich Internet Application Development

Rich Internet Application or RIA – is an Internet application with close to traditional desktop applications look, feel and functionality. RIA works directly from your favorite web browser and has advanced, while user-friendly graphic interface (with such features as drug & drop for example), an ability to work without re-loads of page and long delays (typical for traditional web sites). Typical platforms used to develop RIA are Adobe Flash/Flex, MS Silverlight and Ajax. Altima team has a great experience in Flash development, Flex development and Ajax development as a way to create Rich Internet Applications.

Advantages of RIA:

  • They do not require installation on a user’s device. No downloading big files and installation.
  • They are cross-platform, will work without modification in most browsers and platforms.
  • There is no problems with software updates, you just update it on a server and your users will always have the most up-to-date version.
  • Much lower probability of attracting viruses (due to fact that they don’t need to download and install executable files).
  • Users love them, because RIA is much more user-friendly than a traditional website.
  • RIA provides higher productivity than traditional web sites due to better speed of work and functionality.
  • They reduce server load, because RIA’s are executed on the client side.

In the technology world, there is always a small trade-off and the downsides include:

  • They require some initial load time.
  • RIA’s require good, high-speed Internet channel to work smoothly.
  • RIA typically are not very SEO friendly.
  • There may have some compatibility problems with non-standard devices.
  • There may be accessibility issues (for users with disabilities).
  • They use user’s PC processor actively, so may work not very fast on old computers.

Getway Solution RIA Solutions

Our RIA developers deliver cutting-edge integrated Web solutions that deliver results. Our Rich Internet Applications development processes at Getway Solution incorporate analytics, design, development and delivery practices. Our RIA development engineers are experienced in both legacy applications re-architecture and building new RIA’s with robust functionality and rich, expressive, client-oriented interface utilizing all types of content and giving true interactivity to users.

We work with our customers in developing solutions such as:

  • Rich portals: Next generation portal solutions
  • Rich forms: Create and manage web forms that are highly user friendly and maximize online interactions
  • Rich catalogs and configurations: Allow your customers to intuitively and quickly search through a catalog of offering
  • Chats and browser co-sharing
  • Enterprise Frameworks